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Water Heater Services

Cosmopolitan Mechanical promise to keep your hot water smoothly flowing in your home so you can enjoy the comfort and sanitation your water heater provides. We Install, Service, and Repair all top makes & models of water heater & tank-less water heaters

Contrary to common water heaters that frequently heat and reheat the water stored in their tank, while a tank-less water heater only heats the water being used at that time.  Start paying to heat only the water you use.

FREE estimate and AFFORDABLE installation

Let Cosmopolitan Mechanical fork over with the job of moving your new water heater and hooking it up in your home. What you need to do is sit back, relax, and let our experts at Cosmopolitan Mechanical handle everything.

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FREE disposal of your old water heater

Dumping of an old HVAC unit can be tough and time consuming. Cosmopolitan Mechanical will help you to get rid of your older model for FREE, while you’ll get quick installation of your water heater or tank-less water heater.