Cosmoheating Heatng & Cooling Services


Maintenance Services

There are lots of scenarios, when your furnace, air conditioners and boilers need maintenance once in a year. Not only maintenance and cleaning of your HVAC appliances will increase the life of your equipment, but also proper maintenance and cleaning will reduce your energy bills. Our Certified Technicians are trained to perform a well done job at your given time. Off course proper maintenance of an HVAC appliance would help to reduce unexpectedly break down, and also alert you about any future big and expensive problems.

A cooling maintenance would include

1) Checking refrigerant pressures
2) Diagnose of the equipment
3) Temperature differences measurement
4) Check drains
5) Thermostat signal checking
6) Indoor and outdoor motor check up

A heating maintenance would include

1) Cleaning the burners and flame sensor
2) Cleaning the ignition part and blower
3) Testing the heat exchanger and manifold pressures
4) Testing safety assemblies and switches
5) Diagnose of gas and vent pipes
6) Testing of Carbon Monoxide

Don't give time to your minor problem to make an emergency. Get rid of the confusion and worry by choosing a Yearly Maintenance Plan with Cosmopolitan. We will remind you about the appointments of your booked maintenance. You will feel the comfort and have a peace of mind with surety that you are at right path.