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Indoor Air Quality

As scientists continue doing more and more research about our environment, people are paying more attention to Indoor Air Quality.  In fact, the numbers of people seriously considering the quality of the air they breathe are increasing rapidly.    According to Health Canada, Canadians spend an average 90 percent of their time indoors.  In addition, biological pollutants and chemical pollutants are increasingly becoming a potential possible related health risk.  

It is a fact that most Canadians feel poor air quality can have drastic health and realize it is important to prevent hazardous pollutants entering into their home.    Once inside the home, it is important to stop the circulation of hazardous pollutants and particulates such as bacteria, dust mites, pollen, mould, gasses and particles that come from combustion appliances and tobacco smoke that are present in an indoor home environment.  According to Health Canada, following are some of the general tips for reducing indoor air pollutants in your home.

-    Yearly inspection and maintenance of fuel-burning appliances must be done.
-    No smoking should be allowed inside your home.
-    Adequate ventilation is required.
-    Humidity levels need to be monitored and under control.
-    Quick preventive steps need be taken if mould is found growing in the house.
-    Vacuum and clean your home regularly.
-    Any cracks and leaks in walls, floors, roofs, and basements should be immediately repaired.
-    Keep the door between garage and home closed. Furthermore, do not idle cars or other fuel-burning engines in an attached garage.
-    Keep paints. varnishes and solvents out of the house.

The demand for HEPA filters,  electronic filters,  media filters,  humidifiers, dehumidifiers, UV lights, HRV’s and ERV’s is growing. As people are becoming increasingly aware of indoor air quality (IAQ), the demand for and sales of indoor air quality products are literally ‘hitting the roof’. If you are interested in your indoor air quality, please call us. Our home comfort advisor will visit with you at home at your convenience.