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Ductless Air Conditioner Services

In case you have living space, a home or building without ductwork, we have a proper solution for this! With a ductless cooling & heating system, that will give you experience of same quiet, efficient comfort of a ductless air conditioning without the need for ductwork! Mini-Splits are known as ductless systems because like central air conditioning systems they have indoor and outdoor equipment.

Mini Splits provides comfort to multiple rooms through ‘twinning’ process. That means one single outdoor handler can power more than one indoor air handlers. That’s a perfect comfort management room by room through ‘twinning’ process. It’s the best solution for any living space that is not connected to traditional duct system. , besides that there is no issue of energy loss that comes with ductwork when a traditional central air conditioning is installed. Each room will be cooled whenever you will require that will give you big saving on energy bill.  

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